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Dear HUSD Community, [este mensaje se repite en español]


You may have heard the recent news reports that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) could be planning to conduct major “sweeps” targeting individuals and workplaces across the country. This news has left many families in our community feeling vulnerable and afraid. 


While HUSD has no information confirming that any such raids will take place in our area, I want to remind our community that HUSD is a sanctuary district. In December 2016, the Board of Education passed a sanctuary school resolution to address questions and concerns in our community. The resolution ensures that every school site is a safe place for all students and families. It specifically notes that if Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE were to visit any of our schools, it would not be able to disrupt school operations. Any request made by ICE must be forwarded to the Superintendent’s Office. The district prioritizes ensuring the safety and security of students and staff. 


The Hayward City Council also passed their own resolution in June of 2017 declaring Hayward a sanctuary city. It affirms law enforcement policies already in place at the Hayward Police Department whereby officers do not seek to determine the immigration status of people with whom they come in contact with. Officers also do not detain individuals on suspicion of violating immigration laws—or for the purposes of notifying federal immigration officials of potential immigration violations.


HUSD is working closely with our local government agencies and with the many community organizations providing support to affected individuals and families. Here are some key facts for you to know:


  • If you see or suspect ICE activity in progress, or someone you know is detained, you can call the Alameda County Immigration Legal and Education Partnership, (ACILEP)  24-hour hotline at (510) 241-4011. Please only call this number in an emergency. They can provide trained observers and legal support. 

  • Immigrant families have many rights, resources, and supports, many of which can be found here

  • We encourage families to have a family preparedness plan, to ensure that your children are cared for under any circumstance.


HUSD is committed to protecting all students and their families, regardless of their immigration status or religious affiliation. It is our duty to ensure that our students receive a high quality public education in a safe and nurturing environment. 



Dr. Matt Wayne




Estimada comunidad del HUSD,


Es posible que haya escuchado las noticias recientes de que el Servicio de Inmigración y Control de Aduanas (ICE) podría estar planeando llevar a cabo grandes “redadas” dirigidas a personas y lugares de trabajo en todo el país. Esta noticia ha dejado a muchas familias en nuestra comunidad sintiéndose vulnerables y temerosas. 


Mientras que el HUSD no tiene información confirmando que dichas redadas se llevarán a cabo en nuestra área, quiero tomarme la oportunidad para recordarles que el HUSD es un distrito santuario. En diciembre de 2016, la Mesa Directiva aprobó una resolución para abordar preguntas y preocupaciones en nuestra comunidad. La resolución asegura que cada plantel escolar sea un lugar seguro para todos los estudiantes y sus familias. Específicamente, señala que si el Servicio de Inmigración y Control de Aduanas (ICE) visitara cualquiera de nuestras escuelas, no podría interrumpir las operaciones de la escuela. Todas las solicitudes de información de ICE deben enviarse a la Oficina del Superintendente. El distrito tiene por prioridad garantizar la seguridad de los estudiantes y el personal. 


La Ciudad de Hayward también aprobó su propia resolución en junio de 2017 declarando a Hayward como una ciudad santuario. Afirma las políticas de aplicación de la ley ya establecidas en el Departamento de Policía de Hayward por el cual los oficiales no buscan determinar el estado migratorio de las personas con quienes entran en contacto. Los oficiales tampoco detienen a individuos bajo sospecha de violar las leyes de inmigración, o con el propósito de notificar a las autoridades federales de inmigración sobre posibles violaciones a la ley de inmigración. 


El HUSD está trabajando junto con nuestras agencias del gobierno local y con las muchas organizaciones comunitarias que brindan apoyo a las personas y familias afectadas. Aquí hay algunos datos clave que debe saber:


  • Si ve o sospecha que cualquier actividad de ICE está en progreso o alguien que usted conoce está detenido, puede llamar a la línea directa de 24 horas de la Alianza Legal y Educativa de Inmigración del Condado de Alameda (ACILEP) al (510) 241-4011. Por favor sólo llame a este número en caso de emergencia. Pueden proporcionar observadores entrenados y apoyo legal.

  • Las familias inmigrantes tienen muchos derechos, recursos y apoyos, muchos de los cuales se pueden encontrar aquí.

  • Alentamos a las familias a tener un plan de preparación familiar para garantizar que sus hijos sean atendidos bajo cualquier circunstancia.


El HUSD se compromete a proteger a todos los estudiantes y sus familias, independientemente de su estado migratorio o afiliación religiosa. Es nuestro deber asegurar que nuestros estudiantes reciban una educación pública de alta calidad en un ambiente seguro y enriquecedor. 




Dr. Matt Wayne


Posted by: Dionicia Ramos, District Admin, Hayward Unified School District
Published: 7/12/19

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students raising their hands

We have some important news to share with you. Districts across California are moving towards electronic reporting for state tests.  These tests include the CAASPP, which focuses on language arts, math and science; as well as the ELPAC, which allows us to measure English learners' English proficiency. As a parent, you will soon have multiple years of reports at your fingertips. This new process will be quicker, easier, more secure and less costly than printing and mailing reports out. Test reports are available right now through the Parent Portal, accessible on any device connected to the internet. The portal is available through the HUSD website.

Soon, we will provide further guidance for families that are not already registered in the portal. If you do not have access to the internet and can't see reports, the Assessment Department will provide a paper copy. Please don't hesitate to write to Dr. Kathryn Singh, Assessment Director, at if you have any questions. You can also call at 510-784-2647. Please leave a message and we’ll call you back.  

Posted by: Dionicia Ramos, District Admin, Hayward Unified School District
Published: 6/27/19

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The Hayward Unified School District (HUSD) is entering into Teacher Salary infographiccollective bargaining with its four employee bargaining units: Hayward Education Association (HEA), Association of Educational Office and Technical Employees (AEOTE), Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Safeco/M&O, and SEIU Para-YEP. The collective bargaining process allows public school employees to bargain with their school district regarding salary, benefits, and other employment-related issues. Each contract is negotiated separately with the bargaining unit’s respective negotiating team. HUSD, HEA, and AEOTE held public hearings on their initial proposals at the March 27, 2019 school board meeting.


On Tuesday, May 28, HUSD and HEA initiated bargaining. HUSD has also met regularly with AEOTE since May 3, 2019. Unlike annual reopener negotiations for which the parties open one to two articles each, successor agreements tend to be three-year agreements that allow more articles to be open for negotiations. For this reason, the negotiations process is expected to extend over a longer period of time than in previous years.


HUSD’s Goals

At HUSD we put students and families first. We understand that to better serve our students we need to support the staff who directly serve them. We have the utmost respect for our colleagues who work in our schools, classrooms, and offices. During bargaining, our goal is to demonstrate our commitment to support staff and help them meet our students’ needs while remaining fiscally responsible.  


Over the past five years, HUSD has increased salaries by 22.1%, and has maintained the second highest salary for mid-career teachers in Alameda county. We have done this despite the larger funding issues facing school districts across the country because our priority is to recruit and retain high quality staff. California ranks 41st in per student spending and our students and staff deserve a greater commitment to our schools.


In addition to increasing staff salaries, we have also shown our commitment to students, teachers, and school staff by reaching agreement with our labor partners on issues such as lowering the K-3 average class size and providing employee dental benefits.


Bargaining Overview

The present, three-year collective bargaining agreements between HUSD and HEA, AEOTE, SEIU Safeco/M&O, and SEIU Para-YEP expire on June 30, 2019. In 2016, HUSD's proposal included opening the HEA contract in its entirety. This year, HUSD is taking the same approach of opening the contracts in their entirety to allow maximum flexibility should contract language modifications impact more than one article.


Current Status of Negotiations

Negotiations between HUSD and HEA and HUSD and AEOTE will continue with scheduled dates into the month of July. We expect to set similar meeting dates with the SEIU negotiating teams. HUSD looks forward to bringing to the negotiations table our intent to honor our workforce and create a better learning environment for students.

Posted by: Dionicia Ramos, District Admin, Hayward Unified School District
Published: 5/31/19

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At the May 8th, 2019 board workshop, the HUSD Board of Trustees approved the budget for the District Performing Arts Center (PAC) planned for construction on the grounds of Mt. Eden High School. The Performing Arts Center has been in the planning stages for the last several years, and HUSD Performing Arts Center Meetingwith the board’s support will be moving forward to refine the design so that the construction documents can be prepared and submitted to the Division of State Architect for approval.


The PAC will be the districts first-ever, stand-alone building specifically dedicated to the visual and performing arts. The PAC is expected to be a beacon of performance arts creativity, enjoyment, and light for our students and the entire Hayward community. The building will serve the entire district in providing a stage for performances, plays, ceremonies, concerts, art shows, and various other gatherings.


With this goal in mind, the HUSD board requested that the district administration re-engage with the HUSD staff and community by presenting the most recent PAC architectural plans and design work for discussion and feedback. To accomplish this, the district will be holding two community engagement sessions on June 6th and June 27th.


In these engagement sessions, the community will have an opportunity to hear directly from the PAC’s building architect, HUSD facilities leadership, and the Measure H program management team. Anyone can ask questions, learn more about the planning completed to date, and to provide feedback.


If you have an interest in the performing and visual arts in our HUSD school district, have suggestions for balancing the use across all grade levels and schools, or want more information about Measure H, this is your chance to be heard! Please, we invite you to attend these meetings and we look forward to hearing from you.” - Allan Garde - Assistant Superintendent of Business Services


The meetings will be held at the HUSD District Office (24411 Amador St, Hayward, CA 94544) in the board room. Both sessions will run from 6:30-8:30 PM. All HUSD students, staff and community are invited to attend and contribute to the discussion.


If you have questions or comments regarding the PAC or the Measure H Program, feel free to contact us at: MeasureH@HUSD.US


Posted by: Dionicia Ramos, District Admin, Hayward Unified School District
Published: 5/30/19

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Measure H Bond Update on the Ongoing Solar Project in the District

solar panels



In early December of last year, the district shared the news regarding the launch of the solar program. Since that announcement, work has continued across district locations with several schools coming online or close to completion. Some of these facilities include East Avenue Elementary, Strobridge Elementary, Treeview Elementary, and Fairview Elementary. In addition to these four locations, work is ongoing at many of our schools with the process for installing the solar arrays in full swing. By the conclusion of this solar project, there will be a solar installation at nearly every active school within the HUSD.


Provided for by the Measure H Bond program, the purpose of these large solar arrays is to provide nearly 100% of the required electricity demand for each of the school sites at which they are installed. This is why you will see larger installations at larger schools, such as our high school and middle school campuses. As a side benefit, the structures provide much-needed shade in parking lots, playgrounds, and common areas where they are placed. They will feature charging stations for electric vehicles, some degree of rain cover, parking lot lighting (where applicable), and are built to be durable and long-lasting.


While many locations for the installations were easy to identify and came with natural benefits, others have been a challenge to place. The district is working with the local stakeholders of each school site to try and find the best possible solution for each installation. In some locations the choice of where to place the solar arrays is restricted by underground utilities, shade from trees and structures, perimeter restrictions, and building issues. Nevertheless, district administration is dedicated to finding workable solutions that balance benefit against impacts for all of the projects.


Collectively, when completed at planned sites, the savings in annual electricity costs provided for by the solar panel installations will go back into the district’s budget for our schools. Early estimates indicate that this will provide for over $2M in annual savings for the district!


This program is helping to provide HUSD students with cleaner electricity, better maintained schools, and a healthier planet!


If you have questions or comments regarding the Measure H program, feel free to contact us at: MeasureH@HUSD.US

Posted by: Dionicia Ramos, District Admin, Hayward Unified School District
Published: 5/3/19

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On behalf of the board of trustees, the superintendent, and the HUSD leadership team, we would like to express our sincere appreciation to all those who participated in the recent facilities survey. We received responses in the thousands, and the information collected will be essential in helping the district make critical decisions on how to best exercise the funds from the Measure H bond program.


“While we had a team of experts do an assessment of all our facilities at the beginning of this year, these survey responses provide great validation and elaboration on the specific challenges and issues facing our students, teachers, and parents who frequent these facilities every day. We are so very grateful for the active participation we received in completing these surveys.” - Allan Garde, Assistant Superintendent of Business Services


This May 8th, 2019, the board of trustees will hold a workshop to consider and review the findings of the expert assessment, survey results, and proposed projects for HUSD facilities under the Measure H bond program. Thank you for your survey participation. We look forward to the continued mission of making HUSD schools an amazing place to learn and grow.


If you have questions or comments regarding the Measure H bond program, feel free to contact us at: MeasureH@HUSD.US

Posted by: Dionicia Ramos, District Admin, Hayward Unified School District
Published: 4/18/19

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Click HERE to take the survey


This survey is an opportunity to communicate your perceptions about your child’s school. Paper surveys are available upon request. If you have any questions about this survey, contact Sabrina Aranda, Parent Engagement Coordinator at 510-723-3857 ext. 34200 or email


The purpose of this survey is to obtain parent perceptions about the school. Your participation is very important but voluntary. The information you provide will help guide district and school efforts in promoting safety, enhancing learning support, and improving student achievement.

  • This is an anonymous survey.  It is designed so that no one can be identified from the data.  You may skip any questions that you feel could be used to identify you.

  • All questions apply to this school only.

  • The results are for the use of your district.  The California Department of Education and WestEd will preserve data confidentiality and refer any data requests to the district.


Posted by: Dionicia Ramos
Published: 3/1/19

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Click HERE to take the survey


Your school would like you to complete this online survey as part of the Cal-SCHLS surveys.  If you have any questions about this survey, contact Kat Hannah, 510-723-3857 ext 34229,


The purpose of this survey is to obtain staff perceptions of student behavior and attitudes, school programs and policies, and the overall school climate as they relate to student well-being and learning. Your participation is voluntary. It is also very important. The information you provide will help guide district and school efforts to promote safety, enhance learning supports, improve student achievement, and reduce health risks that stand as barriers to learning.

  • This is an anonymous survey. It is designed so that participating staff cannot be identified from the data. You do not have to respond to any questions that you feel could be used to identify you. Simply skip any such questions.

  • All questions apply to this school only.

  • The results are for the use of your district. CDE and WestEd will preserve data confidentiality and refer any data requests to the district.

Posted by: Dionicia Ramos
Published: 3/1/19

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The Hayward Unified School District (HUSD) is establishing a committee to advise the district and school board, in connection with the development of policies and procedures relating to the sale or lease of the Bidwell property owned by the HUSD.


The Bidwell campus closed at the end of the 2017-18 school year and students from that site were relocated to nearby Treeview Elementary School. The Bidwell property was built over 50 years ago and half of the property is currently being maintained by the Hayward Area Recreation and Park District.


The new committee will consist of between seven and eleven members who must live in the district and be representative of at least one of the following:

  • The ethnic, age group and socioeconomic composition of the district;
  • The business community, such as store owners, managers or supervisors;
  • Landowners or renters, with preference to be given to representatives of neighborhood associations;
  • Teachers;
  • Administrators;
  • Parent/guardian of students;
  • Persons with expertise in environmental, legal, construction and/or land use planning, including, but not limited to, knowledge of the zoning and other land use restrictions of the City of Hayward and County of Alameda.

Members of the 7-11 Committee can expect to meet two times to complete its review and recommendations to the governing board, with tentative meetings set for February 28 and March 7, 2019.


Click HERE to apply


For more information, click HERE

Posted by: Dionicia Ramos, District Admin, Hayward Unified School District
Published: 1/31/19

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In observance of President Donald Trump’s declaration of a National Day of Mourning scheduled for Wednesday, December 5, 2018, the district office on Amador Street and the Parent Resource Hub offices on Soto Road will be closed to the public for the day. All HUSD school sites will remain open.


Sites that will be CLOSED to the public

  • District offices on Amador Street

  • Parent Resource Hub offices on Soto Rd.


Sites that will be operational and OPEN to the public

  • All HUSD school sites, including the Hayward Adult School and the Highland site

  • The Student Information Assessment Center on Tyrrell Ave.

  • All preschool sites, including the site at the Parent Resource Hub

  • Maintenance, Operations, and Transportation yard

Posted by: Dionicia Ramos, District Admin, Hayward Unified School District
Published: 12/4/18

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After careful consideration, the Hayward Unified School District has decided to close all schools, district buildings, and after-school programs due to poor air quality on Friday, November 16.


Schools are scheduled to reopen after Thanksgiving break on Monday, November 26. The decision to close schools was made after carefully reviewing recommendations from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District and considering the ongoing pattern of increasingly unhealthy air quality. Due to the ongoing health risks that this unprecedented situation has presented for students and staff, HUSD collaborated with the Alameda County Office of Education to make the decision to close schools.


We appreciate your patience and your adaptability during this challenging time. We understand that the decision to close schools may create a difficult situation for many families. If needed, HUSD will provide lunch from 10-1pm at Tyrrell Elementary located at 2700 Tyrrell Avenue in Hayward.


As we struggle with the poor air quality in our local community, we are reminded that the wildfires in Butte County have devastated the lives of people in Butte County. Our hearts go out to those people most directly impacted by this crisis. If you’re interested in helping the schools in Butte County, please visit the Butte County Schools Fire Relief Fund.




Después de bastante consideración, el Distrito Escolar Unificado de Hayward ha decidido cerrar todas las escuelas debido a la mala calidad del aire mañana, viernes 16 de noviembre. Estoy incluye todas las escuelas, edificios del distrito, y programas de despues de escuela.

Las escuelas están programadas por abrir después del descanso de Acción de Gracias el lunes 26 de noviembre. La decisión de cerrar las escuelas se tomó después de revisar cuidadosamente las recomendaciones del Distrito de Administración de la Calidad del Aire del Área de la Bahía y consideramos los dias continuos de aire contaminado. Debido a los riesgos ha la salud que esta situación sin precedentes ha presentado para los estudiantes y el personal, HUSD colaboró ​​con la Oficina de Educación del Condado de Alameda para tomar la decisión de cerrar las escuelas.

Apreciamos su paciencia y su adaptabilidad durante este tiempo difícil. Entendemos que la decisión de cerrar las escuelas puede crear una situación difícil. Si es necesario, el distrito tendra almuerzo disponible en la escuela Tyrrell en el 2700 Tyrrell Ave. en Hayward.

Mientras apoyamos a nuestra comunidad con esta situación de mala calidad del aire, recordamos que los incendios forestales en el Condado de Butte han devastado las vidas de las personas en el Condado de Butte. Nuestros pensamientos y mejores deseos están con las personas más directamente afectadas por esta crisis. Si está interesado en ayudar a las escuelas del Condado de Butte, visite el Fondo de Ayuda contra Incendios de las Escuelas del Condado de Butte.


Posted by: Dionicia Ramos, District Admin, Hayward Unified School District
Published: 11/12/18

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The Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) has issued a Spare the Air Alert for the Bay Area. They expect unhealthy air for Friday, November 9 due to the fires burning in Butte County.


Schools will adhere to the following guidance provided by BAAQMD:

  • For all outdoor activities, take more breaks and do less intense activities.

  • Consider moving longer or more intense activities indoors or rescheduling them to another day or time.

  • Watch for symptoms and take action as needed.

  • Students with asthma should follow their asthma action plans and keep their quick-relief medicine handy.  

If you have questions regarding activities at your child’s school, please contact the school directly.


El Distrito de Calidad del Aire (BAAQMD) emitió hoy un alerta por contaminación del aire debido a los voraces incendios que afectan el norte del Estado.


Las escuelas de nuestro distrito cumpliran con la siguiente guía proporcionada por BAAQMD:

  • Para todas las actividades al aire libre, tome más descansos y realice actividades menos intensas.

  • Considere mover actividades más largas o más intensas en interiores o programarse para otro día u hora.

  • Esté atento a los síntomas y actúe según sea necesario.

  • Los estudiantes con asma deben seguir sus planes de acción para el asma y tener a mano su medicina de alivio rápido.  


Si tiene alguna pregunta sobre actividades en la escuela de su hijo(a), por favor contacte a la escuela directamente.

Posted by: Dionicia Ramos
Published: 11/9/18